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Grains and Seeds

Grains and Seeds

Beans, Lentils, Flax Seeds


  • €4,40

    Black Eye Pea - Dry - America

    The black-eye pea is easily recognizable for it's round black patch in its pale white body. Used in many different types of dishes, but more predom...

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  • €8,00

    Rattlesnake Beans - Dry - America

    Don't be scared by the name, Rattlesnake Beans are quite harmless and totally yummy. The name is for snake-like vines of this heirloom bean, the be...

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  • €3,75

    Tongues of Fire Beans - Dry - China

    What a great name for a bean, don't you think? The dramatically named "Tongues of Fire" beans are so called for their flame-like pattern. They orig...

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  • €6,70

    Trout Beans - Dry - America

    Also known as the "Trout" bean, this bean is an heirloom bean from Prince Edward's Island in Maine. This plump kidney shaped bean is mottled with a...

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  • €4,50

    Autumn Lentil Blend - Dry - America

    A lovely, colorful mélange of fall lentils. Ingredients: Lentils.Availability: Usually ships within 4 business days. Product is non-perishable and...

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  • €4,50

    Ivory White Lentils - Dry - Thailand

    Also known as "Ural Dal" in India, Ivory White lentils originate from the Southwest of Asia, where it was cultivated in the banks of the Indus rive...

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  • €4,50

    Green Mung Beans - Dry - India

    A native of India, the mung bean is a small, roundish green bean, and is typically found in Chinese and many other Asian dishes. The bean itself is...

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  • €9,50

    Cranberry Borlotti Beans - Dry - America

    Also known as the cranberry bean for it's gorgeous red-purple color, the Borlotti is a type of kidney bean that hails from Italy, where it's often ...

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  • €16,00

    Green Lentils - Dry - France

    The creme de la lentil, Le Puys are small dark green lentils that bear the A.O.C. label (denomination of origin), protecting their origin and produ...

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  • €7,70

    Garbanzo Beans - Dry - Canada

    Also known as chickpeas, garbanzos have become wildly popular in the last decade, and this meaty, sweet legume is found in salads and in the delici...

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  • €6,50

    Black Beans - Dry - Canada

    The traditional black beauty that gives depth and texture to your chili, rice dishes, burritos and more! With a bold earthy flavor, the black bean ...

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  • €7,30

    White Cannellini Beans - Dry - Argentina

    The white cannellini bean is a staple in Italian cooking, found usually in soups like Minestrone, or in salads. A lovely ivory white, it has a smoo...

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  • €11,00

    White Great Northern Bean - Dry - America

    What an imposing name for such a little unassuming bean! Similar in shape to a kidney bean, the Great Northern is a white bean grown in the United ...

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  • €5,72

    White Marrow Beans - Dry - America

    A round and fat little white bean, Marrows have a creamy texture when cooked, with a flavor that many find meaty and with hints of bacon. Use them ...

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  • €25,60

    White Tarbais Beans - Dry - France

    Named for a village in France, Tarbais or Haricots Tarbais beans actually originated in the Americas, but were made popular by their use in the cla...

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  • €7,60

    Black Lentils - Dry - Canada

    These lovely black lentils get their name for their shape and color. A beauty to serve, these are great for soups and salads, and a pretty garnish....

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  • €12,40

    Anasazi Beans - Dry - America

    This Native American bean is named after the Anasazi tribe of the Southwest. This tribe was the first to cultivate this bean, and today it is culti...

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  • €7,44

    White Lupini Beans - Dry - Peru

    A fairly bitter bean, our dried Lupini beans are a must in the Italian household for the holidays. Be aware that you'll have to soak them for about...

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  • €14,13

    White Giant Lima Beans - Dry - Peru

    The giant version of the regular lima or butter bean, Giant Peruvian or "gigantes" as they're known, have the same creamy texture and sweet flavor....

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