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Honey is categorized by the floral source and by it's state: raw or processed. Within these categories we distinguish between light and dark types. Quality is graded in 3 categories with A-graded honey being the highest level being measured in terms of purity, clarity, flavor and aroma. One special category is honey obtained from honeydew which is dark brown in color and stronger in taste. This type of honey is difficult to obtain, because it has the potential to kill the bee colony. Only a few select countries produce higher amounts of honeydew honey - like Greece or Bulgaria. 

Honey can be a quite complex product. The differences can come from the processing methods and factors like rainfall, temperature or soil minerals. Taking all the categories and processing methods into consideration, we are able to identify 300 types of honey on a worldwide scale. Highly exclusive honeys include Manuka from New Zealand or Elvish Honey from Turkey, known as the most expensive honey in the World with a price tag of around € 1.500 per ounce. 


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