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Olive Oils

Olive Oils

Olive Oil is a rich liquid fat that is obtained from the fruits of the olea europaea tree. The trees are most predominant in the Mediterranean and that is where most olive oils are produced. There are more than 200 varieties of the fruit and this will have great impact on the aroma, the flavours. The nuances come from the mineral rich earth, the stage at which the fruit is picked and processed and naturally the processing method itself. 

The 3 types of olive oils are: Extra-virgin oil. It is obtained from the fruit at optimum development stage and only mono varieties are used. The process has to be mechanical, cold pressed and includes 100% pure juice. Nothing is added - high heat or chemicals are not allowed. The next quality level is Virgin oil. This processing method has to ensure a constant temperature of 27 degrees, also includes only 100% pure juice and follows the same mechanical pressing procedures as Extra-virgin oil. The other quality level is Crude oil or also known as Refined oil. This type of olive oil is the lowest graded type, since it is obtained from the leftover paste of the process for virgin oils. It can also contain a mixture of other olive oils and some other elements. The quality is measured by the amount of oleic acid by weight.  

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