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Salt is the oldest condiment known to man. The oldest salt mine is over 8.000 years old and this valuable mineral has been even used as currency during the Roman era. The basic component is sodium chloride with iodine and mineral mixes. Some table salts also contain caking agents, depending on the processing method. 

The different categories are distinguished by source (sea vs mine), the mineral mix (pure sodium chloride vs salts with iron) and the different evaporation methods. Salts with added flavors have become very popular in kitchens around the world.  Gourmet cooks can choose from a great variety of salts with different textures, flavors and uses.

There are 13 types of salt: table salt, kosher salt, sea salt, himalayan pink salt, himalayan black salt, celtic grey sea salt, fleur de sel, flake salt, red hawaiian salt, black hawaiian salt, smoked salt, persian blue diamond and pickled salt. These can come from all over the world and within each category there might be salts with different flavors mainly due to the geographic location. 

At GourmetPlanet we distinguish between these 13 categories and flavoured Salts. These are salts from one of the 13 categories with added flavours like mushrooms, red wine and even fruits. 


  • €10,50

    Celery Seeds Salt - Medium - USA

    A combination of fine salt with ground celery seed, Celery Salt is a great addition to your seasoning mix. Use it to add a fresh flavor when season...

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  • €22,60

    Black Truffle Sea Salt - Flavoured - Italy

    Black truffle sea salt from Sicily is a stunning combination of rich sea salt and summer truffles. Fragrant Sabatino truffle sea salt is full of th...

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  • €19,50

    Smoked Sea Salt - Coarse - Mexico

    Smoked sea salt from Mexico is a golden colored, coarse ground, all natural sea salt. Use smoke infused sea salts to enhance the flavors of a dish ...

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  • €20,49

    Pink Salt - Coarse - Hawaii - USA

    Also known as Alaea Sea Salt, this is the same salt as the Hawaiian Black Sea Salt, only without the addition of activated charcoal. The red color ...

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  • €19,00

    Black Salt - Coarse - Hawaiian - USA

    A rare treat, this stark black Hawaiian sea salt is harvested from evaporation of sea water in the island of Molokai, in Hawaii. Full of minerals, ...

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