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Malta: The Honey Island

Malta: The Honey Island

Malta - Ever since the ancient time, Honey has been a huge part of the small group of islands in the Mediterranean and exported for about three millennia to be enjoyed in the Gourmet kitchens across the Planet. It was considered a delicacy, so much so that the Greeks named the island Melite after their word for honey, meli (μέλι).

The Maltese Bees are one of the toughest and most hardworking bees. They defy extreme climates such as dry, hot, windy summer days and cool winters to bring you the sweetest of honey. They take their honey seriously, very much like the Maltese people, they fight hard to protect and preserve their liquid gold.

The bees work during the whole year so the honey taste changes with the seasons due to the different floras. 

Spring honey - a multi-flora, with nectar from a wide variety of wild flowers including white thistle, sulla, borage, dandelion, wild mustard and also citrus trees. Apart from the unique spicy taste, Maltese honey has been found to be useful for its healing properties.

GourmetPlanet Malta Honey

The most Exclusive and finest of the Maltese honey selection is produced only for a short period of time during the Wild thyme season on a small island north of Malta - Comino. This sophisticated honey stands out from the rest, praised as the honey with the highest percentage of thyme pollen anywhere on the planet.

Once you've experienced this honey you will appreciate the amount of effort it takes to produce it. After traveling back in time to the Ancient Greeks you will also understand why the Maltese honey still remains a sought-after and prized gourmet product up until today.

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