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Coffee is extracted from the berries of certain shrubs that belong to the Rubiaceae plant. Most of the commercially available coffee is gained from just 3 main types: Arabica (around 80% of the Worlds Coffees are of this type), Robusta (stronger in taste and with a higher amount of caffeine) and Liberica (grows in lower altitude, is light on caffeine and can be very expensive due to the limited supply on global level). There are 3 other shrubs that are cultivated for coffee, but they are almost not present in the coffee world. 

From these main categories we derive a myriad of coffee brands and qualities. The differences come mainly from the roasting and processing of the bean. One of the most famous examples being the kopi luwak which are beans that have been digested by a civet cat. The process will enhance the flavors. The most important elements to look for are the body, the acidity and the caffeine content per 100 gr.  Some coffees are silky, earthy, citric, sweet and others can even have tastes that are heavily influenced by the surrounding fauna.

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