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  • €51,29

    Cherry Blossom - Sakura Shoyu Sauce - Japan

    A rare find, this lovely Japanese condiment is an aromatic blend of light soy sauce infused with beautiful cherry blossoms from Kyoto. Aged for one...

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  • €26,88

    White - Shoyu Sauce - Japan

    This artisanal white soy sauce is a rare ingredient with a long tradition in Japan. Light amber in color and clearer and thinner than dark soy sauc...

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  • €24,51

    Unfiltered - Ponzu Sauce - Japan

    Elevate your Japanese and fusion cuisine with Yakami Orchard 100% natural Japanese Ponzu sauce. Typically used in vinaigrettes, or as a glaze, to c...

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  • €40,13

    Citrus Juice - Yuzu - Japan

    Use this fantastic and wonderfully versatile juice in everything from vinaigrettes, to sashimi, ceviche, meats, vegetables, dessert, or wherever a ...

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  • €40,13

    Green - Yuzu Kosho - Japan

    Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that combines the flavors of oranges, tangerines and lemons, refreshingly tart. Yuzu Kosho is a spicy Japanese rub ...

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  • €20,22

    Citrus Juice - Kabosu Marugoto Shibori - Japan

    Use this fabulous and unique fruit juice from the Kabosu fruit to create cocktails or for cooking. Very rare and incredibly hard to find in the US,...

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  • €50,20

    Barrel Aged Soy - Kishibori Shoyu - Japan

    This superb ingredient is an artisan, aged soy sauce, also known as Shoyu, from Japan. The sauce is fermented for one year in cedar barrels. It's a...

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  • €39,95

    Mango Sweet Red Sauce - Jamaica

    This Sauce was created as the answer to the need of Pork. A juicy pork rib needed a taste of Jamaica. The Crazy Jamaican designed this sauce with s...

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