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Red Pasilla Chili Pepper - Powdered, Fine - Mexico


Pasilla chili peppers are the dried version of the chilaca pepper. Chilaca peppers are long and dark and have a mild to hot, very rich flavor. Not to be confused with the Poblano pepper! In Mexico this type of chili is used in hot sauces.

Grown and dried in Mexico, these chilacas have a beautiful reddish color, with a sweet and distinct flavor. Use them to mix flavors for duck, seafood, lamb, mushrooms, garlic, fennel, honey and oregano. This type of chile is used in Oaxaca, Mexico to produce the famous mole negro.

Chili was dried, powdered and processed as a highly qualitative product with certified origins in Mexico. The "heat factor" is low (1.000-4.000 SHU).

Availability: Usually ships within 3 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.