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Calissons - Classic - France


A French classic brought to your home. This exquisiteness comes straight from Aix-en-Provence, so it’s guaranteed to be the real deal. A calisson is a typical French candy, similar to marzipan in texture, but fruitier in taste. Although all calissons are directly associated with the region of Provence, these brought to you by Fruidoraix are unique in their kind.

To start with, the only store in the world is in the commune of Éguilles, called Confiserie Fruidoraix. Their recipe is ancestral: these almond-shaped delicacies are part of a family tradition that began in the early 17th century. It’s been four generations of women carrying out the same recipes: mothers passing on gourmet treasures to their daughters, an inheritance that goes beyond genealogy and beyond frontiers, now that we bring them to you straight from France.

The recipe consists, basically, of a paste made of candied melon, orange peel and almonds, topped with a fine, white icing which is delicately perfumed with vanilla. All the raw materials used are provided by local suppliers and carefully selected by the personnel of Fruidoraix. You can get them in either 12 mini pieces or 8 standard pieces: both formats come in beautiful, ecofriendly wrapping.

These Classic Calissons  are perfect for any occasion and any time of day. The freshness in the melon-orange blend makes it appealing to accompany with a cool beverage, but try them with a café au lait and oh là là! You’ll feel like you’re in the Confiserie!  For the busy holidays, make sure to stock up on Fruidoraix’s Classic Calissons and send an elegant and distinguished corporate gift or christmas present. Whichever is the occasion, a box of these delicious French candies can only make it better. Try adding them to your Christmas table at home and they’ll immediately become a family favorite!

Ingredients: Candied melons (melons, sugar, glucose syrup, processing aids: sulfur dioxide (E220)), additive: citric acid (E330), almonds, sugar, icing sugar, candied orange peel (orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup, additive: citric acid (E330), unleavened bread (potato starch, water), glucose syrup, egg white, natural vanilla flavor.
Availability: Usually ships within 4 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.