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What are the benefits of Mushroom coffee?

What are the benefits of Mushroom coffee?

What are the benefits of Mushroom coffee?

You might think that this is exciting and maybe even a bit odd, in any case you are right to be curious. The mushroom coffee is something that everyone is talking about and the questions frequently asked are: Does mushroom coffee taste good? Is mushroom coffee good for you?

Let´s dive in to get a better understanding

The Chaga mushroom was first used as a substitute for coffee in Finland during World War II as rations of ordinary coffee were low and limited. The mix we drink nowadays, as an example of many different mushroom coffee brands, four sigmatic mushroom coffee is essentially a finetuned blend of the mushroom extract and ground coffee.


In terms of taste, you will be surprised that the earthy flavor of the mushroom, marries the taste of coffee with grace.

The health benefits of the mushroom are nothing new but widely discussed. It´s been suggested and used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. If you love coffee you might already know that it´s good for heart and vascular diseases, diabetes and much more.


If you are a coffee lover and are looking for some diversity, then this is a new experience worth looking into. Your taste buds will be surprised by the aroma and the great tasting notes, that are unusual in regular coffee. We always recommend new food experiences, to expand our senses and challenge our minds.

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