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ALMA Henrique Sá Pessoa

ALMA Henrique Sá Pessoa

"Alma" - the Portuguese word for "Soul" describes best what the philosophy is behind this Restaurant with 2 Michelin Stars. The Soul of Discovery. The tasteful experience takes the visitor around the Globe and is a fantastic culinary journey. From the passion for Asia to the love for the rich local cuisine, you will find that Alma Henrique Sá Pessoa is taking you on a unforgettable trip of flavours, memories and delights for the senses.

The meals are prepared with heart and soul. Clients can expect the very best. The Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa is a Master that dominates a great variety of foods and converts them into refined menus. His dedication and the Team behind the meaningful name represent a new height in the Gourmet World!


 Exclusive Signature Selection Products from Alma Henrique Sá Pessoa:
  • €100,00

    Signature Wine Sa Pessoa