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  • €12,49

    Dark Chocolate with Orange Membrillo - (Quince Paste) - Spain

    Quince Paste in Dark Chocolate with Orange is a Spanish treat made with pear-like quince and orange chunks covered in dark chocolate couverture. Qu...

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  • €10,70

    Dark Chocolate Membrillo - (Quince Paste) - Spain

    Quince Paste in Dark Chocolate is a Spanish candy made from quince encased in dark chocolate couverture. Quince is a pear-like fruit, and when grou...

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  • €27,33

    Fig Mostarda - Italy

    Italian preserved whole figs in mustard are an excellent accompaniment to cheese plates and meat boards. The contrast of the sweet figs with the ho...

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  • €16,78

    Largueta Almonds - Toasted and Salted - Spain

    Toasted, and lightly salted. A late-ripening Almond from Spain, flat and soft and slightly sweet, it is used along the Marcona almond to create mar...

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  • €8,22

    Apricots with Almonds - Dried - Spain

    Deliciously sweet Spanish dried apricots with a plump almond in the center, these Apricots with Almonds treats are perfect for a healthy, nutritiou...

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  • €10,87

    Sugared Almonds - Fried - Spain

    Spanish "Almendras Garrapinadas" or Sugared Almonds are a completely addictive treat. Made by cooking the almonds in a good amount of sugar, the re...

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  • €14,45

    Black Cherry Spread - Balsamic and Portwine - Portugal

    Succulent cherries are blended with rich balsamic vinegar and sweet port wine in this amazing preserve by Prisca. It was created to enhance and com...

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  • €5,65

    Crackers - Wafer Thin - Original - Australia

    It took a band of enterprising Aussies to perfect the ideal cheese crackers, and perfect it they did! These crunchy, crisp and light Wafer Thin Cra...

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  • €6,43

    Cocktail Nut Mix Royale - Fried and Dried - Spain

    Fried Dried Nuts Cocktail Royale is a tasty mixture of gluten-free roasted and salted nuts, including almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews and peanuts....

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  • €8,24

    Blueberry Spread - Balsamic and Portwine - Portugal

    Ripe blueberries are blended with rich balsamic and sweet port wine. This spread was designed to add flavor and enhance cheese platters and foie gr...

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  • €8,65

    Kalamon Olive - Spread - Greece

    Similar to a smoky tapenade, Esti's Organic Kalamon Olive Spread is a blend of meaty Kalamata olives harvested from exclusively organic olive grove...

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  • €155,00

    Picos - Bread Sticks - Spain

    Our Picos, or Spanish Bread Sticks are mini-breadstick snacks brought to you by the Spanish company Don Pelayo. These adorable little munchables pr...

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  • €11,20

    Marcona Almonds - Fried - Spain

    Rich and meaty Spanish Marcona almonds fried in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt make the perfect partner for cheeses and meats, and are great ...

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  • €8,22

    Homemade Membrillo - (Quince Paste) - Spain

    A long-standing culinary tradition in the Mediterranean, Membrillo, or quince paste is celebrated and loved all over the world, but nowhere is it m...

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  • €5,65

    Crackers - Wafer Thin - Tomato and Basil - Australia

    These perfect crunchy and whisper-thin crackers are the ideal companion to your parties and entertaining! Crisp and light Wafer Thin Crackers are a...

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  • €28,96

    Fig Spread - Balsamic and Port Wine - Portugal

    Sweet figs come together with rich balsamic and sumptuous port wine in this delicious spread designed to enhance and complement the flavor of your ...

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  • €7,00

    Cake - Fig and Almond - Spain

    Made using a classic Spanish recipe, this traditional Spanish cake is made of sweet figs pressed with meaty almonds, for a dense, delicious treat t...

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  • €28,75

    Spanish Marcona Almonds - Raw - Spain

    One of our two unique Spanish almonds, Marconas are really large, with tons of nutty, milky flavor to go with it, thanks to a higher fat content. T...

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  • €5,83

    French Waffle Crackers - Sea Salt - France

    The perfect companion to your soft cheeses and your most spreadable spreads, these little waffle-style crackers from Tresors Gourmands are our new ...

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