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Hard Nougat - Turron Alicante - Spain


In Spanish-speaking communities across the world, eating turron is a timeless christmas tradition. But this sweet, almond-based nougat is so addictively delicious, why not enjoy it year-round? The Alicante variety has a firmer, crispier texture than its Jijona counterpart (both are equally yummy, by the way), and it comes in large, rectangular blocks, which are easy to break and share among guests and loved ones.

This particular brand comes from Enrique Rech, an esteemed turron manufacturer that has spent over 150 years perfecting this recipe. By using only the finest of European toasted almonds, along with rosemary honey, sugar and egg white, they've created a turron that is simultaneously crunchy, chewy and creamy. It also comes packaged in a pretty, decorative box including a copy of a 1909 certificate signed by Alfonso XIII, who declared Enrique Rech as "purveyor to the royal house." In other words, this is candy fit for a king!

Ingredients: Toasted Marcona almonds (65%), rosemary honey (21%), sugar, egg whites, wafers.
Availability: Usually ships within 4 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.